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The lockdown diaries – Week 1

So I don’t know if you heard, but there’s this nasty bug going around…

… and last Monday BoJo told the nation to work from home, and stay there unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out. With that, I’ve decided to keep a live diary as the situation unfolds for three main reasons:

  1. I have more time on my hands, and boredom breeds insanity
  2. I am anxious AF about the situation but writing helps me deal with it
  3. I am hoping that this will invite some kind of an open forum about how to deal with the anxiety of uncertainty – something that plagued me (pun intended) waaay before this pandemic kicked off

Here’s week 1…

Day 1

It’s day one of lockdown and morale is low in the trenches. One housemate had a temperature last night and has self-isolated, the other just has a raging hangover – so it’s been a pretty lonely day. And it’s only day one…

Luckily, my boss scheduled a call today to check in on the team, and it’s safe to say the collective sentiment is anxiety. Our fears are ranging from being worried, to being worried about being worried, to being worried about getting ill, to being worried about infecting others. We confided, we joked, and we concluded that when it comes to our mental health we need to talk to each other – even if it is only over Google Hangouts. Even though it’s a shit time, I came off of that call feeling a sense of unity with my colleagues that I’ve never felt before in a team. Every cloud…

Day 2

What a day. Multiple “sources” who work for the Government say that we are on track for an Italy-style lockdown by next week, and this was to be announced on Friday. Being the rational person that I am, I immediately phoned my boyfriend to cry at him about the fact we will likely never see each other again, and then get angry about the fact he wasn’t getting equally as hysterical.

I may have also gone on Amazon and ordered £50 worth of crafts…

I had about 2 hours to dwell in this anxious state, and then at around 5pm BoJo decided to announce all of the schools would be closing. I work in a marketing team that is responsible for communicating to 200,000 school leaders across the country, and so I had to swiftly get my shit together. For the next 5 hours I could focus only on work, and by the time I was done, I had quite frankly run out of fucks to give.

Pro tip: when you’re worried about something bad, distract yourself with something worse.

Think About It Reaction GIF by Identity

Day 3

Braved it to Sainsbury’s because we needed binliners. Advert booms through the tannoy: “Have you got travel plans this year? Exchange your foreign currency here to make the most of your spending money abroad!”

Read the room hun.

Day 4

Started the day with a workout in the front garden, much to the bemusement of many school children walking past on their way to their soon-to-be-shut virus incubators.

This workout was a preventative measure – a stockpiling of endorphins if you will, as I was fully expecting today to be a terrible one.

Today was supposedly the day when my untenable Government sources would prove correct, and we would all be put on police-enforced lockdown.

However, when 5pm rolled around BoJo simply announced a closing of gyms, restaurants and pubs – which most sensible people have been avoiding anyway. Relieved that we wouldn’t be under house arrest, my housemate and I created our own pub in the living room – a pub where the wine is £8 a bottle rather than a glass.

Cut to 2 am, and I am sending about 20 people my revelation that: “You can’t catch coronavirus if you sail out into the middle of the sea” and to “meet me at coordinates latitude 15.3 longitude -76.2”.

That is the middle of the ocean in case you were wondering.

Image result for boats and hoes gif

Days 5 and 6

First weekend with nothing to do. I cleverly got myself good and drunk on Friday night, so that I wouldn’t feel like doing something for most of Saturday anyway. As for Sunday, I ventured to the park, the only remaining save haven – and was mindful to stay 6 feet away from everyone else.

Unfortunately the whole of London had the exact same idea, minus the 6 feet apart rule, and so word on the street is that BoJo is going to face mutiny in the cabinet if he doesn’t enforce clearer, more stringent measures on social distancing. It’s not that hard people. Just think of it like 6 footlong subs.

Day 7

Really bored of the coronavirus now.

3 things that have helped me stay sane this week:

  • Comedy TV (recommend Shrill, on BBC iPlayer
  • Cardio (recommend the Nike Training Club app)
  • My housemate (recommend Rosie, who you can’t hang out with coz she’s mine, and also, lockdown)

Until next week…

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